AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Augusta Regional Airport is gearing up for the Masters tournament.

The Augusta National limited patrons the past few years, which cut down on the number of people traveling through the Augusta Regional Airport. But this year, Airport Executive Director Herbert Judon says he anticipates full passengers.

He says they’re already prepping for the influx of travelers.

“During the Masters we get extra air traffic controllers, extra TSA agents, extra airline personnel, rental cars. All that is in motion right now,” Judon said.

He says efficiency is a big priority. They have a plan to cut down on the number of people waiting on the curbside for car services.

“One of the new things that we’re going to try this year is a lot of the planes that land and park on our middle runway, we have historically put them in vans and drove them around to the terminal side. We’re going to set up an area this year where they can get out of their airplane and go directly out the gate to Lock and Dam Road and go directly to the tournament. So that will help a lot as well,” Judon said.

He says during the tournament, larger planes come and go from destinations not usually on their schedules.

“I haven’t seen the whole schedule yet, but I anticipate Miami and Philadelphia and New York. Again some destinations that we don’t historically see, we’ll see that again this year,” Judon said.

Judon says American Airlines plans to land larger flights from those special destinations.

“We’re anticipating a big Masters,” Judon said.