AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It did not look like a winter wonderland in downtown Augusta early this afternoon, but the reports are it could be on the way.

“It doesn’t make me excited because it never happens, I want some snow I want some snow,” said Charmaine Williams.

“But you don’t expect it though.” 

“I don’t expect it,” she said.

But the city is expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

Public works crews out early in the day putting salt on more than four dozen bridges and culverts, all across Augusta.

Bridges and culverts tend to freeze first in bad weather and salt serves as a deicer.

City engineers saying it’s standard operating procedure this time of year.

We already have a plan, that we do each time it’s weather like this or even during winter we always expect something is going to happen,” said Engineering Director Dr. Hameed Malik.

Travel on slick roads is usually the first hazard when there’s winter weather, so a word to the wise from Augusta’s Emergency Management office.

“I would just say make sure you’re staying off the roads if we do have ice stay home, please don’t go out and look we’ll have crews out working,” said Emergency Management Deputy Director Mie Lucas.  

Dr Malik, says the day crew will be putting in some overtime tonight to hit any trouble spots,