Augusta Prep playing it safe amid coronavirus outbreak in other states


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Students at a local school are taking extra precautions to stay healthy amid the coronavirus outbreak.

As those youth go from class to class at Augusta Prep, there is a visual reminder in the hallway as gentle as soap: Stay healthy, wash your hands.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with Head of School Derrick Willard. He shared what he’s telling the school about preventative methods.

“I think what the CDC recommends is warm soapy water for at lest 20 seconds. I think that’s the standard.”

Personal hygiene reminders at school and home along with extra bottles of hand sanitizer are all ways Willard said students are playing it safe amid the coronavirus outbreak. He also said since they are a place of learning, education is key.

He said, “So, it’s a great opportunity to educate our students and even our families on what is a novel virus and how that’s similar or different to the cold or flu virus.”

You can bet germs can be found in common areas too such as cafeterias. Efforts are being made to keep those places clean too and in the classroom where kids swap desks all day.

“A common keyboard, having Clorox wipes nearby is a good thing. Making sure we have disinfectants available to wipe down tables before and after meals. Those are things we want to just pay extra care to. Door knobs, making sure the cleaning staff wipes doors down at the end of each day.”

And if the coronavirus hits Augusta, the school is working on a plan, but Willard told us learning will not stop.

“It would have to involve some form of using email and online tools like Google Classroom or recordings to deliver content,” Willard explained.

Students at Augusta Prep have no immediate plans to travel to study in other countries. The earliest is this summer and Willard said they are monitoring.

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