Augusta Podcasts looks to make the Garden City a hub for podcasts


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – If you live in Augusta and are looking for help starting a podcast, there’s now a place where you can to help get started.

The creators of the DropTheDis Podcast have partnered with Alison South Marketing to create Augusta Podcasts.

Just behind Alison South’s main office is a creative hub, and in there is a podcast studio that is open to rent to the public, but Augusta Podcasts is there to do more.

“We’re a podcast company built by podcasters, for podcasters that basically make everything about creating your own show easy. Now every show you’re going to need to record, you’re going to need to have production, you’re going to need to publish it so people can see it. You’re going to need to promote it, run social media accounts, that kind of stuff and we help people to fill in whatever spots, maybe people don’t have expertise in or maybe they just don’t have the time to do them,” said Co-Founder, David Bash.

“We take your content and we create it and make it a podcast. We’ll do all your recording, your production, put it out on all the platforms for podcasts to be, where it needs to be,” said Co-Founder Chris Nabholz.

Augusta Podcasts is willing to work with a range of people. From people just starting to learn about the digital medium, to businesses looking to get in to the venture themselves.

“Augusta business are starting to learn about podcast opportunities, how to monetize podcasts. Content creation is really king these days especially digital content and being the expert in your field and really getting to build a relationship with people digitally, especially in the era we have now with Covid where people can’t necessarily be face to face all the time and podcasts are a really are a really great tool and tactic marketing wise to be able to get your story out there and to teach people about your craft and for them to get to know your business and your industry and for you to be able to share your expertise,” said Kate Sanders, COO, and Co owner of Alison South Marketing.

With digital media on the rise, Augusta Podcasts is looking to grow more in the future, and make Augusta a home for podcasts.

“Augusta Podcasts is looking to expand regionally through the south east, our footprint happens to be in a lot of the same states they are looking to grow in to and so it just really made sense to partner together and have these two Augusta businesses really just take the south east by storm,” said Sanders.

“Media has totally evolved, podcasts are now the most listened to media out there and there was nothing here in Augusta for that. So people are going to Atlanta, people are going to South Carolina, people are going to Charlotte for their podcast production, why not come here to Augusta and have it done,” said Nabholz.

“We want to be able to grow this company and represent Augusta on a bigger scale, that you don’t have to be from a place like at Atlanta or a place like Charlotte, North Carolina to be able to have a really high quality production studio like this, you can come right here in Augusta and we’re going to be this hub for the southeast,” said Bash.

Augusta Podcasts is up and running for business. For more info on them CLICK HERE.

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