Augusta Podcasters looking to help others starting in the field


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – The hosts of the “Drop the Dis” podcast, Chris Nabholz and Davis Bash, have had quite the year, from getting more involved with the community to their current podcast to holding a round table discussion with community leaders about the growing tensions in our society.

Now, the young entrepreneurs are looking to help others in the podcast world with “Augusta Podcasts,” a media production company that they say “works to give everyone a voice.”

I sat down with Nabholz and Bash to find out what “Augusta Podcasts” is all about.

We’re here with Chris Nabholz and David Bash of “Drop The Dis” and through out their time at doing the “Drop The Dis” Podcast something else has popped up and we’re here to talk today a little bit about that and what we’re talking about is of course, Augusta Podcast. So, gentleman lets talk a little bit about what that is and how it came about.

Nabholz: So, “Drop The Dis” was why it started. We did this awesome podcast, we’re having a blast doing it and found this awesome studio, and we wanted other people to be in it.

Bash: So really from day 1 with “Drop the Dis” our whole thing was, how do we tell the story of Augusta better and how do we facilitate more community involvement. So, Augusta Podcast is kind of an extension of wanting to facilitate more community involvement, wanting to tell more stories. We want the people of Augusta to know that if they want to come start their podcast tell their story, offer their talent, then we’re trying to basically remove the barriers of entry for those people.

Would you guys say that Augusta Podcast is that kind of a umbrella company for people to go that you guys are heading up?

Nabholz: Absolutely, I would say a hundred percent.

Bash: Definitely, so the easiest thing to do is say that we offer a bunch of services, and do production and help with marketing but what we kind of want to be known as is the resource that people will go to, if they have any questions.

Nabholz: Lets say you wanted to start a podcast, you would set up a meeting with us, we’d bring you in to the studio and talk about, what’s your goal and what to do you need from us. you can google all you want about what a podcast is, how to start it, and it is easy but after recording it there’s producing that needs to be done, how are you going to market yourself, how are you gonna get listeners and so with us if you’re in our umbrella, we make it easy for you. We tell you what you wouldn’t need to do, we evaluate based on what you’re telling us what’s best for you.

Bash: Think of it in the terms of buying a house, technically anyone can be their own real estate agent, technically anyone can do all the paperwork, technically anyone can learn all the laws and do the things necessary, podcasts are the same way. Anybody could do it but what we want to do is take you from being having this great idea to executing the great idea in your time.


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