AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The planning for Fleming Park improvements has taken years but this week it has been given the go-ahead. 

“I think that will definitely be welcome to that community so anything we can do to improve and make sure our facilities are getting used to their fullest extent I think it’s good move,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.  

Fleming Park hasn’t been used to its fullest in four years, now comes this $5.3 million makeover, there will be improvements to the community center, and swimming pool. 

And a $75,000 memorial to Malquan Robinson, the 12 years who died after touching an electrified fence four years ago.  

 “This will be a memorial in honor of Melquan Robinson that will be stationary at that particular site, for years to come unfortunate how we got there but again I think this is the right thing to do,” said Parks and Recreation Director Maurice McDowell.  

The four ball fields at Fleming will be removed, and only two will be built back, and they will be for high school-age players, this has the city looking to partner with next door Butler High School.  

“I don’t see it as a rental type of agreement maybe more so a partnership where they take on some of the maintenance, ongoing maintenance at this particular site,” said Director McDowell.  

The Fleming Park makeover is on its way but not soon enough for some commissioners.  

“We can always talk about how COVID held this process up but in reality, it’s far too slow,” said Commissioner Garrett.  

Work is expected to begin next summer with the first phase getting rid of the old ball fields and buildings.