Augusta On Ice skates to Evans Towne Center Park


“We have been working closely with the owners out there to try to get it ready for an ice rink,” explained Christine Boerner. “It wasn’t until this week we found we were not able to do it.”

Augusta had its first-holiday festival last year that included an ice rink.  

The owners of Augusta On Ice were supposed to join forces with Lights of the South to make one event.

The two companys were going to call it Winterland, but things changed once they announced on Facebook the ice rink would be skating over to Evans Towne Center Park. 

“It wasn’t exactly about the ice rink, said Boerner. “It was more about giving families and friends a way to make memories and build traditions over the holidays. “An ice rink was a great way to create a centerpiece to do that.”

The move to the park came about, so Boerner could get the ice rink ready for the people across the river region.

She believes more people will like the new location. 

“It’s hard to get people moving out of their comfort zone,” explained Boerner. “The easier you can make it by bring events close to them, and making it where they are excited about it; the more likely you get a big turn out.”

The Seattle native says Augusta deserves a yearly holiday festival. She is glad she can be a part of this tradition. 

“I hope Augusta On Ice is a tradition for years and generations,” said so families just come to expect that is what you do when it comes to the holidays.”

NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson did ask Boerner if they would ever be moving out to the lights of the south location, she told him no.  

They have settled into a contract with Columbia County at Evans Towne Center Park for the next three years and hope that will help them create its own identity. 

The event opens the day before Thanksgiving. 

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