AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Augusta officials are working to repair damages on the Augusta Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk is one of Augusta’s main attractions, but a man is suing the city claiming it’s not safe.

In the lawsuit against Augusta Richmond County Parks and Recreation and its director, the man claims he fell on uneven and loose bricks at the Riverwalk in 2020.

“I actually asked for an update when I saw that there was a lawsuit filed earlier this weekend still haven’t gotten a response from our administrator on that part of it but in regard to the work that is going to happen there’s a lot of electrical that needs to be fixed a lot of structural issues,” said Brandon Garrett, Augusta Commissioner.

In June, commissioners discussed funding to repair the Riverwalk and other attractions across Augusta.

“As I said before this is a jewel of the community, this is a jewel to not only the citizens of Augusta. but those who come across the river to enjoy this feature that we have in Augusta,” said Maurice McDowell, Director of Parks and Recreation.

Commissioner Garrett says this is the first they’ve heard about the lawsuit, and repairing the Riverwalk has been their top priority.

 “I, as well as my other colleagues,are pushing as hard as we can to get repairs not only started but completed in as quick as a manner as possible in regards to what it’s gonna look like in the end we want it to be a family friendly usable area so all of our citizens can come and feel safe at.” said Garrett.

WJBF did reach out to the attorney representing the person who filed the lawsuit to see if they wanted to speak. They did not want to make comments at this time.