Augusta-native, Sunday Best finalist Tiffiny Moore releases new single “I BELIEVE”


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Augusta-native and BET’s season 9 Sunday Best Top 8 Contestant Tiffiny Moore is releasing her new CD single, “I BELIEVE.”

“Growing up in the church, you get prophecy after prophecy that you’re going to be this national recording artist and it’s not coming to pass fast enough,” Moore told Good Morning Augusta Weekends anchor Shawn Cabbagestalk when asked the motivation behind her new single, “I BELIEVE.” “If I believe in God, why didn’t I believe in myself?” she added.

The Augusta-native, with family still in the area, audition in the Sunday Best gospel singing competition twice before being selected for the show. “It was devastating at first,” she said. “I just went because I knew I could sing, but I don’t believe mentally, physically, emotionally I was ready yet. So this go-round. I was ready. God knew I was ready,” she added.

In addition to meeting Erica Campbell, Kelly Price, Jonathan, Matt Reynolds, Kurt Franklin, and others, she says that it was memorable for her just to be able to display her talent on a great platform.

Meanwhile, a full-length album in the works.

When asked what’s next for her, Moore told Shawn, “At this moment I’m just like, God, whatever you have, I’m available. I’m ready,” she added.

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