Augusta National Women’s Amateur golf tournament expected to impact local businesses


It’s kind of new with us having one week for the women, and then having another week for the men. So it’s kind of like double trouble, double money for some of us, says Bekendrianna Wynn, Flying Biscuit Cafe’s waitress. 

With the women’s golf tournament teeing off this Wednesday, the Riverwood Plantation plaza will be expecting an economic impact, and a chance to get their name out in the community. 

We are new to this area, says Courtney Brown, Flying Biscuit waitress. We’ve been here almost a year and people still say I didn’t know you guys were out here.  

To serve all the people who are coming in for the women’s golf tournament this week, says Cody Moore, Rooted Coffeehouse’s manager. And it’s the first time, so we’re excited to meet new people and just build community. 

Restaurants in the plaza plan to take extra precautions to ensure that good service will be catered to the new golf fans. 

We are having a few more servers during the day to make sure we have enough people to take care of everyone in good timing and great service as well, says Sydnie Collins, Ironwood Tavern server. 

Definitely stocked up on extra food, extra things like drinks, says Courtney Brown. We’re going to be fully staffed for the week, so we won’t have a long wait time. 

Now this will be beneficial for places like Ironwood Tavern that just opened up a few months ago. The perfect opportunity for them to establish themselves in this neighborhood with a different crowd coming in. 

We’ve been here for about 8 months, says Sydnie Collins. It’s going great, but I’m really excited to get new people in here, new faces, and to get our name just out.

Parking and traffic in the area has been a concern, but Columbia County has created a solution for all visitors and residents. 

Everyone that lives in the area has been notified by letter on what route to use if they live in the area, what route to use to take their kids to school this week, says Courtney Brown. 

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