AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Entering a city building the signs say you need a mask, if you’re not wearing one, a mask is provided, that’s the way it’s been the past 28 days.

But how much longer?

“What I’ve consistently heard is particularly from the CDC from the FDA masks and others masks are still needed,” says Mayor Hardie Davis.

Commissioners approved the mask mandate after an urgent recommendation from the administrator.  

But 35 days went past before the mandate was put into place covid numbers have been dropping but some city leaders are not ready to take the mandate off.

“That would give us more of a cushion, and a little safety zone, so I think we need to continue with the mask mandate,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams  

But others say the trends support lifting it.  

“I just don’t see any reason to continue to mandate masks with these numbers dropping and the fact we just don’t need to mandate,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.  

 “As we head towards Thanksgiving, and soon to be in the Christmas season as well it’s incumbent on us to take all the precautions,” said Mayor Davis.   

 Commissioners wear their masks entering the building; however, most haven’t been wearing them during the meetings, despite the mandate they approved they say they are protected by plexiglas. 

“If we’re in our little cubicles we have all the protections enclosing us therefore you can really take them off.” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

As city leaders considering not taking off the mask mandate until after the end of the year.

John Clarke, who chairs the commission Public Safety Committee, says he plans to discuss the mask mandate at the next commission meeting, November 30th.