Augusta looks to get into the boat business


Augusta is ready to shove off into the Savannah River. 

Commissioners gave the go-ahead to look into buying a used pontoon boat.

The boat would be used to offer rides or serve as a water taxi.

The measure says the city will check with DNR to determine whether it would need a licensed captain or could be operated by a city employee. 

“This Commission is serious about it. People on the river walking, the Riverwalk is only so wide, can’t walk but so many times. If we can give them a slow ride of the river let them see the other side, see what the city looks like from the water advantage, I think we would have more interest downtown than we have already,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

The measure calls for the Procurement Department to to determine the proper process for the city to buy a used boat, normally the city buys new items from the lowest bidder.

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