AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Georgia state representatives are talking about the issues they are pushing in Atlanta to benefit people here in the Garden City.

“The secretary of state’s office all the way down to the department of revenue. Those are the funds we need to look at,” said Rep. Brian Prince, District 132.

The Augusta Legislative Delegation is giving the community an opportunity to hear what Georgia state representatives talked about during the 2023 legislative session…..during a town hall meeting at Augusta University.  

“And I expect the members of our community to have an opportunity to meet their legislators here to ask questions and to understand a little bit more about what happened in the session and how it’s going to affect our local community,” said Rep. Lynn Gladney, District 130.

State officials spoke about bills they pushed during the session that could help the city of Augusta—food deserts being one of them.

“Food insecurity is part of the broader issue that takes place we want to make sure the person has access to healthy foods and even when they get that ask if they actually partake in eating those healthy foods to because it cuts down on a lot of different diseases, and things of that nature,” said Sen. Harold Jones II.

Representative Mark Newton says their hope is to not only help people in Augusta, but in surrounding areas.

“Frankly over even across the river in North, Augusta and Columbia County and Burke County we know those areas are all important to this area. Thriving so we’re all working together as a team often to make sure. We bring everything we can to the table to get the state of Georgia support, the great things that are going on here,” Rep. Mark Newton District 127.