This is where your  cans, paper, and plastics end up, Augusta’s Recycling Transfer Station  but when it comes to selling  these materials things are going down. 

 “It is a real struggle these days to to deal with the recycling market as it stands today we’re doing everything we can to improve our services,” says Environmental Services Director Lori Videtto. 

 Right now Augusta is spending $1000 dollars a month to rent this transfer station, but next year there’s a proposed increase that would raise that to $75 hundred dollars a month. 

“So where we’re paying annually 12 thousand dollar a year to use that facility for a year they want to go to 90 thousand dollars and the bottom has fallen out of recycling,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan. 

“I think we need to spend some time and really analyze  the program as it stands to today it might be time for a change,” said Videtto. 

Right now more than 20 thousand in people in Augusta are putting out their recycle bins for pickup, but with rising costs and a poor market  for materials some commissioners believe ending this needs to be considered. 

 “At least let us consider it that doesn’t mean we’re going to end up in that place but seriously consider what are our options at the end of the day,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan  

“Considering ending that?”

“Consider  that as an option,” said Commissioner Hasan.

 “I don’t think ending recycling is the best path at this point but we made need to make some changes,” said Director Videtto. 

Changes that could see recycling , reduced, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Commissioners directed the Landfill Director to come back next months with the costs of the program the participation in curbside recycling and whether they city can re-negotiate  a better lease deal for the  recycling center.