AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Augusta commissioners are facing a crisis with no firm plan on how to provide ambulance service after approval of a new contract with Gold Cross failed Tuesday. 

“There should have been a plan B, and here we are today because there was no plan,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight. 

With Gold Cross giving up the ambulance zone, the city was looking at the state to provide a list of temporary ambulance providers, but following a marathon emergency meeting that included new negotiation with Gold Cross, commissioners agreed to a new contract, for the company to provide month to month service until a new ambulance provider is operating in Augusta.

“At least we are protecting the citizens, we don’t have any accountability measures to make sure the service is better, we can’t have a contract, but at least we’re taking care of the citizens,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.  

The deal calls for the city to pay Gold Cross $250,000 the first month and then $150,000 a month after that, which is the same amount proposed in the contract that failed Tuesday, but that deal was for three years.

“With the dollar amount that we agreed to today, I don’t expect that to go longer than our staff said it should go and so if we realize it’s going on longer than we expected it go to we’ll have to have another conversation,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.  

The new deal is contingent on the state verifying it is legal, but Gold Cross says that’s not an issue.

“I’ve already spoken to the state through text during the meeting and they verified it,” said Steven Vincent, Gold Cross Vice President.

Commissioners also voted to apply to take over the Augusta ambulance zone, a decision on whether the city gets it should be made next month.