AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – For Black History Month, the Augusta Jr. Players are performing “A Woman Called Truth,” a play that tells the story of Sojourner Truth.

“This show follows the life of Sojourner Truth, how she freed herself and her son from slavery, and how she goes on to become an activist,” said Chyra Strong, the sixteen-year-old playing the role of Sojourner Truth.

“This show really follows the story of her life and how she fights for her freedom and how she fights for what we all know to be truth,” said eighteen-year-old, Serah Blair.

While the show covers some tough topics, that hasn’t stopped the young cast from bringing the story to life.

“It’s very heavy, but it’s also very easy to navigate when you have amazing people you’re working with and amazing directors,” said Strong.

“It’s been really hard. We’re trying our very best to be as historically accurate as possible, to have real emotions,” said seventeen-year-old Chayah Worth.

The Augusta Jr. Players hope audiences will walk away understanding the importance of the performance.

“It’s something that sits with you after you hear about it. It’s a very important thing for us to address at such a young age because I believe that it helps us be more aware of everything that’s going on right now,” said Strong.

“No matter what part of the story you’re looking at, someone in the audience can relate to it due to things that are happening in today’s society or things that they know have happened to someone they love,” said Blair.

“A Woman Called Truth” is sure to be a performance that moves audiences and gets them to contemplate about current events. For the cast themselves, it will be a performance they carry with them for years to come.

“I’m becoming less ignorant through every rehearsal and I feel like that’s a story everyone should have similarly. If you want to see things, things that are still going on nowadays, things that need to change, things that you’ve seen, like racial discrimination, there’s so many going on nowadays and if you really want to see that through history and just to become less ignorant, you should definitely come see this show because it’s showing everything that’s still going on and history isn’t changing and we need to do something about it,” said Worth.