Augusta investigators search for missing baby, mother’s story raises questions


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Questions surround a woman who is now behind bars. Police are trying to figure out if she gave birth to a baby – and IF SO, where that newborn may be.

The mother, Tabatha Moss, is charged with providing false information.
Investigators say she told them she gave birth to the baby and disposed of it but now they’re not sure if her story is true.

Investigators aren’t sure if there actually is a baby.

They say Moss has changed her story so many times, at one point saying she made the whole thing up.

Now investigators are looking for clues to figure out what really happened.

“It bothers me for the simple fact that she didn’t even seem like the type that would do anything like that,” says one neighbor.

An arrest warrant dated June 13th accuses Moss of flushing a fetus down a toilet after she miscarried the child.

Doctors called police after Moss went to University Hospital because of a bleeding issue. The warrant says after a physical examination by doctors it was determined Moss had given birth, but wouldn’t give a straight answer regarding the whereabouts of the infant.

Doctors called the sheriff’s office and Moss told investigators she put the remains in a plastic bag and told her roommate to get rid of it.

According to those warrants, Moss told investigators she had no interest in her pregnancy, and that she went to a few pregnancy centers when she was three months pregnant in hopes of getting an abortion. But she was told she couldn’t because she was too far along.

Moss was taken into custody that day.

On June 16th, while Moss was in jail, a neighbor reported a burglary at the home where Moss lived with her roommate. A separate incident report states that Moss’s roommate removed several boxes from the house after the burglary. But it’s not clear what was inside those boxes.

A neighbor says Moss’ roommate cut the crime scene tape on the door to get inside. When she tried to go back inside the home a second time, a deputy escorted her off the property.

“She cut it or what ever have you she went in on her own.She had already moved for or five boxes then,” said the neighbor.

On June 17th, the warrants show that Moss told investigators she was lying about the original story. She told them then that she was never pregnant and only made up the story to keep her boyfriend…despite the police report confirming pregnancy through doctors at University Hospital.

A neighbor says when she met Moss late last year, Moss was pregnant.

“When they moved in November of last year it was a little pouch and then I had spoken with her land lord and she told me your new neighbor she is expecting.”

Tabatha Moss is still in jail charged with providing false information and awaiting a bond hearing.

We asked about the roommate and whether she’s facing any charges in this case, we have not gotten a response from investigators.

Richmond county investigators will also not confirm whether they are actively searching for a newborn, whether alive or deceased, in the CSRA.

Count on NewsChannel 6 to continue to follow this story as it plays out.

Original article:

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Questions surround a woman who is now behind bars. Police are trying to figure out if she gave birth to a baby – and IF SO, where that newborn may be.

According to an incident report, investigators say Tabitha Moss miscarried, but prior to that she said she had no interest in the pregnancy.

Moss is charged with giving false statements to a government agency.
This comes after investigators say she changed her story several times.

The incident report says she placed the remains in a grocery bag and then gave it to someone else to get rid of. She later said it was a lie to keep her boyfriend.

We are working on this investigation and will continue to update you as more information in given to us.

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