Augusta homeowners say eroding creek causing problems for houses


AUGUSTA (WJBF) — An Augusta woman’s home is falling apart because of foundation problems she says are caused by a creek behind her house.

Elizabeth Mayho’s home is located in the Ravenwood Subdivision off Pleasant Home Road.

She says her family has owned the house for 13 years, but now, they can’t even live in it.

The house has serious foundation problems, as seen through the various cracks and splits.

Homeowners who live near Mayho are also having problems because of Crane Creek.

“I feel for her. I don’t have as much pain as she does, but probably half the people on this creek are going through similar problems that she’s going through,” John Clarke said.

Clarke lives two houses down from Mayho. His family has owned their home since 1976.

“We don’t have the foundation issues. Not yet, that I know of. Our issues are basically likes hers, the ground is so soft. Steadily eroding away. I built a privacy fence and now the posts are bent and things are leaning,” he said.

Clarke’s back yard is beginning to slant. He believes the problem is the creek behind his house.

“When we first got this house when I was child, you could literally jump across this creek. And now I’d say it’s at least 25 to 30 feet wide,” Clarke said.

For people living along the creek, the erosion is creating quite the mess.

“My neighbor here, he’s had bad foundation problems. Of course, she’s had foundation problems. They’ve got foundation and yard problems over there,” Clarke added.

Unfortunately, most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover foundation repairs, which can cost about $30,000.

That’s why Clarke and his neighbors are hoping something will be done.

“County came out probably 10 to 15 years ago and rebuilt the land and then left without finishing everything. And now over time, the land that they built has slowly eroded again,” he said.

Augusta Commissioner Sean Frantom, who represents that district, says the city is working on a solution for the erosion.

As for the foundation problems, city engineers say the creek isn’t to blame.

It’s a reminder to make sure your homeowner’s insurance includes flooding and foundation problems, especially if you live near rivers and creeks.

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