Augusta holiday gets in the way of water bill paying


Giving Augusta workers an extra day off is not sitting well with some water customers.

The Utilities Department was closed today, after commissioners last week approved July 5th as a city holiday.

Customers who wanted to pay bills had to use the kiosk machine or wait to come back on Monday, because there were no tellers on duty.

“I came here don’t even know how to use the machine, everybody here is trying to figure out how to use the machine I got to pay my bill I’m a couple days late on it anyway because I was at work I don’t understand why the got it like this,” said Leon Curry.

“Surprised.” said Fannie Davis.

“You like that or would you rather work with teller than the machine?”

“Yeah then the machine,” said Davis

“You want to go inside and pay your bill.”

“Right, Davis said.

The extra holiday was not budgeted. next week the Fire Department will go to commissioners to request taking more than 87 thousand dollars out of its fund balance to cover the costs of the holiday pay for this Friday.

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