Augusta Greenjackets home opening game against Greensboro Grasshoppers


There was fireworks, fans, and refreshments. America’s favorite past time is back, and SRP Park was painted green

Fan, Brenton Lyles, says, “it’s opening night!”

The Augusta Greenjackets played their home opener of the season after being on the road for 11 days.

Augusta Greenjackets Media Relations, Rylan Kobre, says, “we went four and five on the road, and every night it was kind of inconsistent. You didn’t know what you were going to get. And I think that’s mainly because you didn’t get to play any games at home and kind of get to know each other.”

Back at home is just where the fans like to see them.

One fan says, “See people before they make it in the pros, before they get out there and gone, their hometown, it’s great to have them closeby.”

Making it to the pros is something the media representative says is looking promising.

“We’ve got a handful of guys in the top 30 prospects for the San Francisco Giants. Our pitching staff is loaded this year. It seems like every single night they are going to come out and see a guy that has a pretty good shot to play in the big leagues someday. So, that’s definitely fun for fans,” says Kobre.

Although they might one day make it to the big leagues, this home opening game against the Greensboro Grasshoppers is nothing short of stiff competition for the Single-A teams.

“They’re actually throwing one of their top 15 prospects in the pirates organization. We’re actually throwing our number 6 prospect Sean Hjelle, he’s 6’11 1/2″ and if he makes it to the big leagues, he’ll be the tallest pitcher to ever throw into a major league game,” says Kobre.

Whether you’re the tallest pitcher on the mound, or the short stop on the field, all of the players have one common goal.

“You got all kinds of guys. You’ve got guys trying to make it who were 40th round draft picks, so it’s cool to come out here and see these guys work together and all have the same goal to make it to the big league,” says Kobre.

“it’s going to be an awesome time,” says Lyles.

The team has only practiced for three full practices before the start of the season and the boys on the team come from all over the country.

The Greenjackets won the game, 5-4.

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