AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Now is a good time to find jobs in Augusta! Local government agencies held their second mega hiring event on Thursday.

Job seekers gathered at the Municipal Building to scout out interviews, show off resumes and secure positions.

“Just come out here and see what they got, I feel like there’s an opportunity for everybody,” said Raymond Lewis, who was looking for a job at the event. “No matter if you think you’re not qualified, or over-qualified. Just come out here and see what they have.”

“I know the biggest thing for a lot of people and a lot of families are financial,” said Zebre Baker, who was also looking for a job. “And going around and looking at a few of these jobs, they provide that financial stability.”

The agencies that were there were Utilities, Engineering, Parks and Rec, Environmental Services, Central Services, the Augusta Regional Airport and Transit.

At the first hiring event, 32 people who showed up. On Thursday, they surpassed that number in the first 30 minutes.

“They’re able to come in and interview, and possibly walk away with a continued job offer, whereas our normal process can take up to two or three months at times,” said Whitney Sims, the employment team lead for Augusta Human Resources.

Department workers said they’ve been short staffed lately, and this is a great way to find new talent.

“A lot of times people think we require certain aviation requirements to work at the airport, but we consider ourselves a city within the city, we need all types of positions,” said Lauren Smith, the public relations manager at the Augusta Regional Airport.

Those who were hired the day of said this is an opportunity to expand skill sets that anyone who is looking for a job should take advantage of.

“I had left earlier and they called me back so that’s super exciting,” said Sarah Merriweather, who got hired at the event. “Coming in face-to-face and actually speaking to someone, finding out what their needs are in their department is way better. Way more information. These job fairs are incredible.”

There will be another hiring event on Thursday, February 23rd, with Human Resources, Information and Technology, Finance, Planning and Development, Procurement and Law agencies.