AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – For some kids summer vacation is about playing with friends and relaxing before the new school year, but for rising sixth graders Sumter Folley and Genevieve Kommanivanh it’s about helping someone in need.

The girls attend Episcopal Day School. Recently, a third-grade teacher suffered a stroke. So, Sumter and Genevieve set up a snow cone stand on Crestwood Drive in Augusta to help out.

“Well, we’ve been wanting to sell sno-cones for a while, but when we heard that she had a stroke we thought this would be the perfect time,” said Sumter.

“We had a prayer service yesterday at school and they talked about giving your prayers feet and spreading the love and that you can pray wherever you are and I think it’s just touched them and they knew that she needed our prayers and they wanted to help the family,” said Sumter’s mother, Lindsey Folley.

The girls have a special connection with the teacher.

“When I was in 4th grade during COVID, we had a family emergency and Mrs. Snead had brought Pelican Sno-Cones for us,” said Genevieve.

It’s been two years and snow cones still remind Genevieve of the kind gesture.

The two girls business adventure was a success. They raised around 1,300 dollars.

“I’m just so proud of them and I’m grateful that they’ve learned this through their teachers and their friends and their school and we’ve all been able to come together,” said Lindsey.

“It is incredibly heartwarming for our students to know how to reach out and love because so often we want to do something but we don’t know how and they just instantly knew exactly how to love their teacher who has meant so much to them,” said Chaplin at Episcopal Day School, Sonia Sullivan Clifton.

The two ladies had one last message to their teacher as she recovers.

“We hope you get better and we’ll pray for you, we love you,” said the two young girls.

A Venmo account was created for anyone who wants to help support the teacher. The account is called @prayersforgwen2022