AUGUSTA (WJBF) – “Our prayers go out to those three firefighters that were injured in this unfortunate accident. Initial reports indicated they are all non-life-threatening injuries which we’re happy,” said Antonio Burden, Chief, Augusta Fire Department.

Truck 2, from Station 10 was on the way to a commercial fire late Monday afternoon.

It overturned as the firefighters were headed from Washington Road, onto I-20 West.

“So we had three firefighters. The driver, five artist sitting in the rear, and the officer of the truck,” said Chief Burden.

The accident happened at around 5 PM.

Crews worked several hours to turn the truck over so they could tow it.  

“Oh well he was coming around the corner and he was going like not that fast but it was like a little it was the turn that he made it flip it right then and there and ever since then somebody  Was out here and they called the police and stuff like that.” said Kamren Smith, Witness.

“We really need to slow down or if not it’s gone keep being wrecks like this  and I hope we just slow down,” said another witness.