AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Augusta Fire Department has secured a major grant aimed at improving firefighter safety.

The department has secured a $867,608.28 Assistance to Firefighters Grant.

The grant will be directed toward bolstering CPR tech and comprehensive health screenings, including:

  1. LUCAS Devices Acquisition: The Augusta Fire Department will equip front-line
    vehicles with state-of-the-art LUCAS devices, which provide automatic chest
    compressions during emergencies. These devices ensure consistent and effective CPR,
    enhancing the ability of firefighters to deliver life-saving interventions.
  2. Comprehensive Cancer Screenings for Firefighters: A substantial portion of the
    grant will fund comprehensive cancer screenings for all firefighting personnel.
    Detecting and preventing health issues early is essential to safeguard the long-term
    wellbeing of these dedicated individuals who selflessly protect our community.

“The Augusta Fire Department is propelled by the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) as a vital flame of support in the blazing heart of service,” said Fire Chief and EMA Director Antonio Burden. “This substantial grant of $867,608.28 fuels our mission, igniting the resources we need to safeguard our community’s well-being. With gratitude and determination, we fan these flames of assistance, illuminating our path towards enhanced readiness and resilience. In partnership with the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program, we forge an unbreakable bond, ensuring that our commitment to safeguarding lives and property burns brighter than ever.”

Twin City, in Emanuel County, is also getting $428-thousand dollars, which will be used to buy a new fire truck.