Augusta Fire Department has some tips so you can have a fun and safe New Years


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Many people set off fireworks on New Year’s Eve to ring in the new year.

The Augusta Fire Department asks that if you set off fireworks, you do it safely and responsibly.

We spoke with Public Information Officer for the Augusta Fire Department, Jason DeHart, who has some tips to stay safe if you plan on using fireworks.

“Number one, keep a water bucket nearby to douse the fireworks once you’re done or in case one explodes or gets out of control. Number two, check your weather. If there’s any kind of wind, fireworks can be blown off track and land on someone’s roof, start a fire because there’s leaves or any kind of yard waste that could catch on fire. Number three, never drink and shoot fireworks. Number four, kids — make sure they stay a good distance at least ten feet or more from where you’re shooting off fireworks. Finally, it comes down to a flat surface. Never shoot fireworks from a surface that may be angled for any reason,” said DeHart.

Another suggestion is being mindful of your neighbors.

“They may have dogs, pets, children, things of that nature, and fireworks may disturb them. The other thing, too, is that if you’re shooting fireworks, they may actually float over on to other people’s roof and catch fire from there,” said DeHart.

The Augusta Fire Department wants to make sure that people have a fun, safe time celebrating the new year.

“We want your 2022 to start off with everyone safe and healthy and positive and not actually in a hospital or something worse,” said DeHart.

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