Augusta entryway maintenance called out


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s been said that first impressions are lasting impressions but what about visitors to the Garden City what is there first sight and is it something they like to see.  

 The words are cutting when it comes to how the city of Augusta looks right now.  

“We are in dismal repair, the major arteries leading in and out of the city are not maintained up to standard,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

The gateways into Augusta are something commissioner Brandon Garrett wants city leaders to discuss Tuesday 

“There’s absolutely no reason why when people come into our county that they should look the way that it does,” said Commissioner Garrett.  

Garrett pointing out Augusta’s neighbors do a better job when it comes to gateways. 

“When you go over the bridge in North Augusta all of their entry ways are welcoming, they’re well kept,” Garrett said.   

Garrett says the city needs to coordinate with the state when it comes to maintenance on the gateways and be proactive on the upkeep.  

“For one thing, we can have a plan put in place you know for whatever reason we only respond to maintenance issues after they’re bad enough somebody complains about them,” he said.  

 But it’s not just the gateways city leaders say need the work, it also downtown. “The downtown parking pits look really like a garbage dump,” said Commissioner Clarke.  

And these decorative items are not making a splash with city leaders.  

“There are fountains downtown that have never worked,” said Commissioner Garrett.   

“I don’t want to hear we don’t have the money and we don’t have the people when we had the money and we had the people it didn’t get done so let’s not use that excuse,” said Commissioner Clarke.  

Augusta’s nickname is the Garden City. If you look at these entryways the city has a way to go to live up to that name.


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