Augusta Elections office addresses voter registration controversy


Ashley Lwin was getting out her vote, taking advantage of  first day or early voting. her registration is not on hold with the state, but she’s aware many others  are. 

“Not directly involved but I hope it gets resolved you know I think everybody deserves a chance to vote,” said Lwin

These voters did not face any problems casting ballots but a growing number  in Augusta are facing issues with their voter  registrations. 

“That number has grown up to nearly 18 hundred 1786 as of today,” said Lynn Bailey, Richmond County Elections Director. 

Elections Director Lynn Bailey says one reason voters registrations are placed on pending status is that the information on their application form doesn’t match exactly information on their drivers license or social security cards  as required by a  state law.  

 “Even if you are in this pending status that does not in any way mean you  cannot vote,” Bailey said. 

Bailey  says voters whose registrations are pending can go to the polls on election day or during early voting, present their drivers license or state ID and they will be allow to cast a ballot..

” It’s an easy thing to remedy you show your ID prove who you say you are by showing your ID you go straight into a booth you’re forever cleared  you’re no longer in pending your good,” said Bailey.

Ashley Lwin was happy to hear voters in this registration Limbo will still be able to cast ballots with their ID  and this isn’t a dirty trick to suppress turnout .,

” I’m not sure the intentions of it but I hope it’s not done out of malice or anything like that,” Lwin said. 

Bailey says of the Richmond County voters who registrations are on hold include about two hundred  who are registed but haven’t turned 18 yet, they will become active on their birthday she says all of the impacted voters have received letters notifying them. 

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