AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Friday’s gunfire at Laney vs. Thomson high school happened in Augusta Commissioner Jordan Johnson’s District. Now he’s speaking out and trying to stop the violence.

Augusta Commissioner Jordan Johnson is calling for help from the community and other leadership to stop gun violence.

“When I first heard the news about the shootings I was just completely taken back by because a high school football game is not the place to be to be shooting, shooting gun,” said Commissioner Johnson, District 1.

The Richmond County School System is reviewing plans to ensure more safety and security for upcoming games.

Johnson says when it comes to fans attending sports events – young people should bring a chaperone.

“That’s terrible that we even have to ask young People to put down the guys and to  just learn how to talk so I’m really just calling on community members calling on churches  calling on mentor organizations to find a young person to find someone that needs help and get intentional about solving any problems,” said Commissioner Johnson, District 1.

Johnson says even though it will take more than city leaders to stop gun violence, he’s doing everything to make sure everyone is on board.

So certainly the government has a role in making sure that our communities are safe but we can’t do that alone we had to lean on the help of churches and mentor groups we have to lean on the community for this answer because the answer lies within the work of the community,” said Commissioner Johnson, District 1.

He also says he wants the community to know…..

“We don’t have unsafe streets our games are not unsafe you know our tailgates are not unsafe folks were doing these things and they’re not from here and what you see in some other situation is that other shootings and homicides across the city they’re not from here either,” said Commissioner Johnson, District 1.