AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – The owner of an Augusta-based carnival company wants to clear the air regarding the employment of alleged Virginia serial killer, James Michael Wright.  In a statement released by Drew Expositions: “Mr Wright was not and has never been an employee of James H. Drew, Drew Exposition, nor any associated companies.”   

The official release also states, Drew Exposition has made the Washington County, Virginia Sheriff’s Office aware of facts surrounding their knowledge of James Michael Wright.  That statement to the Sheriff includes the following list:

  • Mr. Wright was not and has never been an employee of James. H. Drew, Drew Exposition, nor any associated companies.
  • Mr. Wright did work from time to time with someone who owns a livestock show called “Pony Express” from Blountville, TN involving horses and other animals that travelled to many fairs, festivals, and racetracks.  These animals were at several events we know of in the Southeast.
  • The owner of “Pony Express” has stated to us that he parted ways with Mr. Wright last year.
  • We have been told that at the time of the murders, Mr. Wright was working on a trash truck.
  • Per his Facebook profile and statements supporting this, Mr. Wright previously worked at McDonalds and was working as a bundler at a building supply at the time of his arrest.

The statement comes after nationwide reporting online, in broadcast, and in print that Wright worked for the Augusta-based company when he allegedly killed 2 girls from Tennessee and 1 girl from Georgia.  Wright was arrested last week in Washington County, Virginia and has since confessed and been charged with shooting 3 girls since the beginning of the year.  The statement from Drew Exposition closes stating, “We will pray for the families of the victims and continue to work with law enforcement.”

Drew expositions was founded in 1948 by the late James H. Drew and his wife in Augusta, GA.  The company provides carnival and midway entertainment to towns and festivals throughout the Southeast and remains headquartered in Augusta.