Augusta community gathers to remember 12-year-old Melquan Robinson


Hundreds of people came together to remember a 12-year-old boy.

Melquan Robinson, Jr. was electrocuted when he touched a fence at Fleming Park Monday night. 

Two other boys, David Sette, and Traqwon Berry got hurt when they tried to save Melquan.

Both of them had to be hospitalized for their injuries.

Melquan’s family organized a vigil at the Bernie Ward Community Center. The center is a part of the park where he died. 

“Father how we thank you and we thank you, Lord, God that we will remember why we come together, Father. We speak peace in the name of Jesus. We speak comfort in the name of Jesus,” said one woman.

On Thursday night, tears and hearts pouring out for a lost son.

“Soon as I got to the hospital the nurse walked in, when I was coming in she came out the room and you could really tell it in her face, you know, what had happened,” explained Melquan’s football coach Baylon Stone.

Melquan died so very young, but he made such a significant impact while he was here.

People at the vigil said he was just an all-around great kid.

“We were doing drills. I threw the ball to him he caught it one hand! Dove! He got up like Superman. Got up and said, ‘Coach I told you I’m the truth! I told you!’ From that day forward I said I got to start this kid,” said Coach Stone.

Melquan’s father added, “We raised that monster. That was a beast on the field.”

Melquan was also focused on his faith and his church.

“You can be a witness to the fact of how much he loved the Lord and how much he loved his church as well,” said a pastor.

The vigil also honored those who raced to Melquan’s side when he got hurt on Monday. 

So what happens from here for the football team? Coach Stone said they will take this painful loss, and turn it into inspiration. 

“His death formed a brotherhood towards them because now they’re adamant. They’re ready to play. They ready to play. We doing it for Melquan. We doing it for Mel Mel.”

Melquan’s mother, Chinikka Jackson added, “I don’t want to get emotional up here I just want to say thank ya’ll so much because it’s not all the time you got your city to back you up.”

Melquan’s funeral will be at Beulah Grove Baptist Church on October 27 at 2:30 p.m.

If you would like to help Melquan’s family, CLICK HERE.

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