AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Feast Before the Feast community event brought thousands of people out to get a free hot meal for the holidays.

“I started the foundation based off of people. The foundation is all about people. so whatever you see a Braswell Manigault event going, on it’s all about the people,” said founder Monique Braswell.

The Braswell Manigault Foundation, along with Augusta Parks and Recreation, is making sure people get a good meal for the holidays, especially children.

“So you know the children get out of school tomorrow and I want to ensure those kids get a good meal, just in case they don’t get one for the holidays. So that’s why it’s always the week before Thanksgiving,” said Braswell.

The event feeds hundreds of people at 5 different locations in Augusta. 500 people stood in line at Bernie Ward Community Center. People NewsChannel 6 spoke with say they’re grateful to be able to get a meal to take home.

“It’s a blessing that you got a community that reaches out and feeds and helps people during rough, tough times… a nice hot meal,” said Cendell Gardener.

“It is an honor to be here for me to be able to be here and just greet them and save them. Happy holidays. For me to be able to have an opportunity to shake their hands and be here while they have a chance to have that warm meal,” said District 130 State Rep. Lynn Gladney.

Symphoni Wiggins is the founder of Dazzling Elite, a dance team with young girls ages 5 and up. She says this event gives them the opportunity to learn the importance of volunteering and giving back. “Just to get them to understand how you help your community… so that’s what they’re here doing today. Just to help give back and learn something else besides always only dancing and competing and I got to win…” said Wiggins.

Many people say, they’re looking forward to Feast Before the Feast again next year.

“It’s wonderful, wonderful it’s a great thing that they’re doing,” said Barry Brown.

Braswell also says they plan to add 2 additional locations next year.