AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It was business leftover from last year, city leaders deciding on the best course to get a permanent city administrator in place.

“I’m excited, at least the mayor gets an opportunity to have a voice in who we choose excited about perhaps doing a national search to see if we can get an experienced administrator on board,” said Mayor Garnett Johnson.

A commission committee did not call for the hiring of a head-hunting firm to conduct a national search, but it did approve setting the experience requirements for a candidate at six months, opening the door for interim administrator Takiyah Douse to be considered.

“It is time to look for the administrator we’re looking for somebody, who is going to be able to do what we need done, and somebody who is going to stay here,” said Commission Bobby Williams.

In the past, commissioners wanted three to five years of experience for the position, not six months.

“Why would you want to lower the standards? I wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t support that,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

“We need somebody that has the qualifications first of all, that’s qualified for it, six months, I would personally want somebody to have more than six months,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

“I think it needs to be a little longer in that this is probably the most critical and important role in our entire city government, and I think we need someone who has the experience to move this city forward in a meaningful way,” said Mayor Johnson.  

The committee vote is a recommendation the full commission next week will have the final say on how much experience they want to see on the next administrator’s resume.