AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — For Augusta Commissioners, this request was a trip.

“Everybody started out thinking that it was kind of off-the-wall presentation, but it ended up being a very serious subject,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Commissioners heard from a retired Army veteran talking about entheogenic plants, or magic mushrooms.

“That is what they’re commonly called, yes, magic mushrooms,” said Robert Hohosh. 

And they are illegal.

“Yes, they are currently illegal,” he said.  

But Hohosh told commissioners of traumatic events in his life, that left him in a rage and with a severe case of PTSD, before being invited to treatment with psychedelic drugs. 

“I’m a wholly different person today than I was with Psilocybin, I’m more calm, and centered now, my family has noticed it and so have I,” he told commissioners.  

Hohosh asked commissioners to decriminalize the drugs for their therapeutic value.

“I’m hoping to get them into my brothers and sisters’ hands to help with PTSD because it’s helped me personally,” he said. 

But commissioners said they couldn’t help, calling it a state or federal issue, but sympathized with the request. 

“I never paid that much attention to those types of medical treatments, it made me a little more concerned, and kind of wondering what can be done,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

“Ended up being a very, very serious issue that should be addressed,” said Commissioner Clarke.

The VA is conducting small clinical trials across the country on these psychedelic treatments so the request to commissioners wasn’t that far out.