AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The Fifth Street bridge has had a makeover, and now it’s getting a new name.

“I think it needs to be done, I think if we call it Freedom Bridge, I think it’s better for tourism, I think it’s just better all around,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams. 

The bridge opened 90 years ago as the Jefferson Davis Memorial Bridge and the signs remain, but the commissioner voted seven to two to rename it Freedom Bridge and donate the plaques recognizing Jefferson Davis to a museum.

“I honestly feel like Jefferson Davis’s name should come off of the bridge, he didn’t represent what Augusta represents, I don’t think we should have his name on a bridge that represents family and represents unity,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.   

There was no discussion before the vote, but some commissioners feel the renaming goes against Georgia law.

“This is a state violation, the way I see it I don’t think it’s the commissioners’ place to be voting on this,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

Before the start of the meeting, commissioners went into legal session for about 30 minutes, where we’ve been told the discussion centered on state law and removing Davis’s name, something a majority of commissioners wanted to see. 

“I cannot see an extremely tangible reason for not renaming the bridge, the bridge has been decommissioned, it’s not doing anything, we’ve made a facelift,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Freedom Bridge is a step in a different direction for this new pedestrian bridge.