AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- It’s not trash talk, but Augusta commissioners are considering a plan that would eliminate the city’s recycling program in its current form.

“As everybody in Richmond County is familiar with, it all goes in the same bins– trying to separate all that out and keep it clean,” Commissioner Brandon Garrett said. 

But commissioners learned today that once customers’ recycling bins are emptied, that waste is taken to the transfer station, then all of it goes to the landfill.

Garrett thinks better education about recycling could help.

“So maybe, adjusting the recycling program to capture those materials that probably would be more likely to be recycled and maybe leave some of the paper materials out.

The committee voting Friday to nix the recycling program.

The committee also discussing trash collection fees– with no plans to raise those fees right now.

“Currently, the– what constituents pay for their trash service— I don’t think we’re looking at changing that at all,” Garrett said.

But the price points the board is concerned with is contract holder fees. 

“What the contract holders are paying, it looks like there’s some discrepancies there depending on who the hauler is. So, uh, definitely wanna make that more even and fair amongst all of them,” Garrett said.