AUGUSTA, Ga.  (WJBF) – Some Augusta leaders think the city needs to keep better track of the comings and goings of city managers.

“We just want to make sure there is a policy around that makes sure everybody is accountable for their time, their time off,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Brandon Garrett.

Commissioner Garrett put a motion before a commission committee to establish a policy of having all city employees, including department directors on salary, clock in.

“Clocking in and clocking out, generally speaking on a salaried position, that’s not something that would normally be done we need to look at this from a holistic standpoint make sure legally that would be legal,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Other commissioners did not see the need to have department directors start punching a time clock.

“No need to have folks who are in positions like that clock in. Managerial positions, administrator directors – I don’t see them having to,” said Commissioner Tony Lewis.

“I don’t know why this was brought forward I don’t know if he knows of anybody who is not giving us what we should receive,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

Garrett says his main concern is department directors taking paid time off and whether that is being properly tracked. “Directors and a lot of the managers when they’re out on vacation that time is not taken away from them their PTO (Paid Time Off) time so they’re constantly accruing this time and never using it.”

But after a lengthy debate, the Administrative Services Committee took no action on a new clock-in policy, so keeping track of employee time is at a standstill.