Augusta Commission approves Gold Cross agreement


Changes are on the way for Augusta ambulance service

Augusta Commissioners voting 6 to 4 to re-enter into an agreement with Gold Cross to provide emergency transport.

The city and Gold Cross had a contract that ended two years ago.

Supporters say one benefit is Gold Cross will lower its transport fee by almost one thousand dollars.

Augusta tax payers -will be paying a subsidy that will increase to $650 thousand dollars -a year – by 2021.

“I’m not going to support any type of subsidy to gold cross how come because I still can’t understand a business that is given a subsidy because they don’t raise enough money of make enough money that means we can open the door to anyone else who is providing a service,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams

Commissioners agreed to a 400 thousand dollar subsidy for this year, but that will be pro-rated over the remaining months of 2019.

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