AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Some of the downtown sculptures have caught the eyes of Augusta commissioners.

“I looked at them all, everybody has a personal preference on, I like them, I like them all,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

When the downtown sculpture trail began, commissioners agreed to purchase one to remain behind.

City leaders were provided with two options. The Stepped Tower on Riverwalk, and Sun Lion, a lizard-looking frog sculpture in the Common.

In the end, commissioners selected the bronze-horned frog to stay behind.

“So, the decision comes down to which one we want to keep, when you look at it, at least at what little artistic insight that I have, the frog does stick out more to me than the block one,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.  

The cost is $30,000, and the funding is already allocated, but some city leaders expressed concerns about Augusta’s priorities for spending.

“In our effort to try to be an art enlightened community, we do not overspend on the arts, there’s so many things we really need to do,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

“If you really look at allocations in the big picture, I mean we’re obviously talking about a teeny part of the city budget for art, and we should probably be spending more,” said Brenda Durant of the Greater Augusta Arts Council.

Sun Lion will not be the only sculpture staying behind, three others will remain after being purchased on the city’s behalf. Public art in the city is now a growing concern.