AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A long-awaited comeback for The Augusta Chorale of Georgia this week. 

After more than two years, The Augusta Chorale of Georgia returns to live performances. 

After a packed-out Christmas concert on Sunday, the chorale performed at the annual Community Luncheon series held at Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History on Wednesday morning. 

Artistic director, Dr. Phyllis Anderson, says it feels wonderful to be back after years of uncertainty.

“You didn’t know what the future held, you didn’t know when you would come back and sing and we were so isolated,” said Dr. Anderson. “And we just had to take one step at a time. And we just came up with three mottos- resilience, reinvention and a comeback.”

Dr. Anderson says the chorale built resilience through concerts on Zoom. They re-invented their outreach by sending cards and DVDs of performances to veterans.

And, finally – the comeback.

For members like Tremell Keys, music is a crucial part of their lives.

“It takes me to another place,” said Keys. “I’ve been singing all my life. So, it’s just…it’s almost like a stress reliever.”

Keys hopes to continue the legacy of the chorale by helping to inspire and invite the younger generation.

“Our singers know that we can go forward, because we did not know how we would move forward,” said Dr. Anderson. “We have a plan for moving forward. Hopefully moving forward, we can continue those things that we were working on.”

The Augusta Chorale of Georgia celebrates its 40th season this year.