Augusta bus service doesn’t get safety changes


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Almost three thousand people a day are depending on Augusta Public Transit to get to work to get to the doctor to get to the grocery store. Augusta city leader were looking at steps to make the bus ride safer, looking at those steps but not taking them.

An Augusta city bus gets a quick wipe down bus after passengers get off, and others prepare to get on.

its now the way with the coronavirus and with riders still depending on the bus to get around.

“Very important to me because that’s the only way I can go to the store and get medication and stuff like that its very important to me,” said one rider.

Augusta leaders understand the importance of public transit, and debated a proposal to suspend the bus fares during the state emergency.

“That is a good idea because a lot of people like me I’m on SSI disability that’s good,” said bus rider Wanda Warning.

The idea behind this though isn’t to give riders a break. its because if the service is free, riders can get on using the back of the bus, and not line up in close quarters in the front using the fare box and coming face to face with the driver.

“Okay that would be nice then everybody would go in the back door, it would be better,” said rider Rufus Glascock.

The proposal also called for reducing the schedule, buses would stop at 6 PM instead of eight thirty, less service isn’t something riders want to see,or some commissioner

“If we start changing these schedules it’s going to throw a lot of people off track and they’re going to be confused and miss their ride,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Commissioners also missed coming to an agreement as the motion to suspend the bus fares, reduce the scheduled and allow passengers to board from the back door failed to get the needed six votes.

Commissioner Bobby Williams saying if you made Public Transit free more people would be getting on the bus just to joy ride making the buses more crowded and less safe in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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