Augusta bar braces for restrictions as re-opening nears


AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF) – Bars in Augusta and across Georgia are looking forward to next Monday when they will be able to hear first call for the first time in more than two months.

The Fish Bowl lounge in Augusta goes back to the 1950’s but it’s never seen anything like the past two months, even as the businesses around it have been allowed to re-open

“And you’re thinking okay all these people are here and we have nothing, it was kind of disheartening,” said owner Linda Eubanks.

Since March bars in Augusta have had nothing, no take out, no curbside service, no customers. Commissioner John Clarke is worried about these businesses being able to survive.

“Some type of help for the bars that’s coming up on close to three months and they are not eligable for any type of program I would like to revisit those businesses.

Lifting the emergency order and allowing bars to re-open would bring some relief.

But at the Fishbowl lounge they don’t know if it will be business as usual or restrictions on the number of customers.

“No body has said anything to us they have not called us they haven’t told us what we can do what we cannot do,” said Eubanks.

Restaurants had to restrict the number of customers to 50 percent capacity, Eubanks says at her small bar, cutting that many customers would hurt

“Now if you can only get like ten people who can come into that bar that’s not going to be feasible to open up,” said Eubanks.

“Those are the businesses that I would like to revisit to see if we can indeed help them a little bit more to help save them,” said Commissioner Clarke.

Bars like the Fishbowl are set to open next week but it is with fingers crossed remember it was the middle of May they were told they could open before

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