AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- The Augusta Aviation Commission hosted an open house Monday…  featuring a display of the airport terminal and what it could look like.

“This study is looking at forecast basically entrance that we’re going to see in our airport I’m trying to program development according to those forecast,” said Herbert Judon, Board Executive Director

The Augusta Regional Airport is making sure to get public input for improvements to put into the terminal plan. 

“Some of the pictures are showing the land side for example. The areas where we park at and access roads looking at again forecast of traffic, they look at the terminal areas ticket counter baggage carousel,” said Judon.

Judon says it’s important to get feedback because it helps them determine what needs to be improved at the airport.

“I think a lot of  things that we hear from the general public there may be an interest in parking for example access roadways checkpoints for the airport for example security checkpoints if there’s not enough capacity,” said Judon.

“Once all of this is concluded and once we receive feedback we conclude the study we’ll have a final report and that will drive some of the future funding” 

In addition to improvements, the Augusta Regional Airport released their new airport logo for a fresh new start.