(WJBF) – With digital media on the rise, more people are looking for ways to get their message out to audiences.

One platform that has seen a lot of growth over the years is podcasts.

The amount of podcasts you find can be vast, with well over 2 million podcasts worldwide, so finding the right podcast for you could be a difficult one.

The CSRA has seen it’s own share of local podcasts that have sprouted over time. Here’s a list of some local podcasts happening your area.

  1. DropTheDis:

DropTheDis Podcast is a podcast that’s all about highlighting the best things happening in Augusta. The self proclaimed “Millennials who give a crap about Augusta, Ga.” spend their podcasts interviewing men and women who make Augusta great. Guest come from government, business, the arts, and more to share their unique perspectives and stories about Augusta.

2. Gather By the Ghost Light

If you’re a fan of telling stories by the campfire then “Gather By the Ghost Light,” might be right up your alley. It’s a story telling podcast in radio theatre format. Most of the stories were originally written as short stage plays. Playwright Jonathan Cook, hosts the series.

3. Chewing The Fat with Big Robb

This podcast covers a range of topics from life discussions, music, art and food. Hosted by Augusta born and raised native, Robb Smith, the former radio personality is no stranger to the medium, and loves a good conversation.

4. ALMA Presents

This is definitely one for fans of local music and art to check out. Host Coco Rubio talks to local musicians and artists about their craft and music. They also listen to musicians original content as well.

5. The Augusta Golf Show

Golf fans rejoice because “The Augusta Golf Show with John Patrick” might be for you. The show was created with the goal of bringing audiences closer to all things golf. On three different occasions it’s been recognized as the “Best Radio Golf Show In America.”

6. The Salvation Army Augusta Kroc Church

You may know that the Salvation Army of Augusta for it’s work with helping people in need around the community, but what you may not know is that its own podcast. Here you can listen to sermons and a weekly Bible talk show.

7. More Than The Masters Podcast

Some people only know Augusta for the Masters Golf Tournament, but if you want to know about more about things happening in your area this may be the podcast for you. It highlights local businesses, people, history, and more.