(WJBF) – Some people love to take their dogs everywhere. Whether it be taking a walk at Pendleton King Park or paddle boarding down the Augusta Canal, the CSRA has it’s fair share of fun activities to do with your furry friends.

Sometimes we want to take our four-legged pals with us when we go out to dinner, but that isn’t always an option.

So, what are some dog friendly places where you can dine with your pup in the CSRA?

  1. Bodega Ultima
    This restaurant is located in Surrey Center and is known for mixing culinary trends of the Mediterranean with a dash of Indian techniques. Dogs are allowed on the patio.
  2. Pizza Joint on Broad Street
    If you’re downtown at the Broad Street Pizza Joint, you can bring your dog on to the patio. Pizza Joint provides dog bowls and we’re told that the occasional customer has been known to buy a meatball or two for man’s best friend.
  3. New Moon Café Augusta
    New Moon Café, located downtown at the JB Whites Building, is a great place to grab a cup of coffee, pastries, and more. You can bring your dog on to their patio and you can order a puppuccino or a dog cookie.
  4. Top Dawg Tavern
    Your dog will definitely like the name of this one. Top Dawg Tavern is on Washington Road and great stop for a bite to eat or grab a drink. Top Dawg Tavern should have some bowls on hand for your pup and you can bring them on the patio.
  5. Nacho Mamas
    Located in Downtown Augusta, you can bring your dog and hang out on their patio while you grab a couple of tacos.
  6. World of Beer
    If you’re looking to try a wide array of beers or grab a bite to eat at a place with plenty of outdoor seating for you and your dog, then World of Beer may be for you. Dogs can be brought on to the patio.
  7. Manuel’s Bread Café
    Manuel’s Bread Café in North Augusta is a great spot to sit outdoors with your canine friend on their patio. The staff is known to be very friendly and your pup can enjoy some fresh water while you enjoy your meal.

These are just some of the spots in the CSRA that you can have a dog date. If you know of any more, feel free to drop them in the comments below and some pictures, too, if you have them.