Augusta Animal Services receives $15,000 for spay and neuter program


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta Animal Services has received and accepted a big grant to help fight pet overpopulation in Augusta.

Fix Georgia Pets awarded fifteen-grand to Augusta Animal Services. The director there says we critically need spay and neuter programs considering the amount of pet over-population in Augusta.

Fix Georgia Pets will distribute $7,000 to All God’s Creatures, $2,000 to South Pointe Animal Hospital, and $3,000 to Walton Way Veterinary and Dogwood Park Animal Clinic.

With this grant, owners who come to Augusta Animal Services to reclaim their pet(s) can have their pet(s) spayed or neutered for free.

Animal Services Director, James Hill, told us nine times out of ten those pets aren’t spayed or neutered anyway.

“Return to owners accounts for about, just last month, about 19%. So if we have all 19% agree to have their animal spay or neutered, then it will greatly impact our intake numbers,” said Hill.

There’s also more incentive with this grant. If you do come to Augusta Animal Services to reclaim your pet, you will still have to pay the impound, rabies and microchip fee upfront. But if you agree to participate in the spay and neuter program, you can get the impound and microchip fee refunded.

Hill added, “So it’s a win, win situation for the citizen because they get basically a free spay or neutering and it helps in the community as well.”

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