Augusta Adult night clubs could keep operating after new year


In fewer then three weeks it will be a new year, a new year where it is expected adult entertainment after decades will come to an end downtown but some city leaders say the goodbyes are not quite ready.

Adult entertainment has been grinding to a halt downtown, but some city leaders say that should not be the case.

“If you want to go down to the Discotheque and see the folks dancing and want to have a drink that should be your right,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But in February Commissioners voted against allowing it downtown any more.
After the death of the club’s owner commissioners voted against changing city code to allow the transfer of adult entertainment licenses to legal heirs,setting the final closings in motion.

“I think we’re going to have to pump the brakes a little bit and maybe do a do over I’m not 100 percent sure of a get together with them I heard about.” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Back in May the clubs sued the city in Federal Court, then earlier this month. both sides went back to court and were granted motions to extend the discovery period before trial.

‘It will probably will be an expensive lawsuit, personally I would not deal with the lawsuit I would simply life the ban,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“We’re going to have to allow them to operate as usual because we’ll get into another situation like we did a while back with X- mart,” said Commissioner Clarke.

Trying to stop X-mart cost the city more than a half a million dollars and some commissioners expect to see the adult clubs operating after New Years Day.

“I believe they will be yep I believe they will be and I think they’ll be open in April for the Masters I believe they’ll be open in July for July the 4th so I think they’ll probably stay open,” said Commissioner Clarke.

City officials now saying commissioners are expected to take up next week allowing the clubs to stay open while the lawsuit runs its course out of concern the city would have to pay for damages if it loses In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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