AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Flight nurse and paramedic Michael Bisnett and Caroline Souter are receiving calls for trauma duty daily, a trauma where there is a person or people who need blood in order to live.

“We see a lot of shooting stabbings bad car wrecks people bleeding into places  that we can’t readily control externally with a tourniquet “ said Bisnett.

He says when they take off to save that persons life the blood they use is on hand and ready to use upon arrival at the scene. Technology makes it possible to get the life saving blood product flowing quickly.

“We carry two units of packed red cells and two units of liquid plasma we re warm it with a quantum blood warmer it’ll flow up to 200  milliliters a minute at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so we can get a unit of blood into somebody in a couple of minutes flat”

Thanks to Shepeard Blood center AU’s life flight team has donated blood to use. But as the summer vacation and travel season gets underway they know they’ll need plenty more. O-negative blood type is considered universal, anyone can receive it—but it’s the type Shephard has an issue receiving the most.

If there is no blood available, team members like Bisnett and Souter do have medications that they can help—but those medicines can only do so much.

“There’s only certain medication we can give them to help their blood pressure but if they don’t have the blood products that they need it can cause damage to their cells and their brain and their heart and their kidneys and patiently cause them death” said Souter.

Donating to the Shepeard blood center can help  tremendously in our local community because you could be saving a life for someone you know. Each pint donated through Shepheard stays in the CSRA.

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