AU nursing student collecting donations for at-risk families


An Augusta University nursing student is gathering supplies for at-risk people in the Augusta area.

Brittany Bledsoe is using the free time she has now thanks to e-learning to collect donations. She is going to bring the items to at-risk people so they do not have to put themselves in danger to go out and get what they need.

I really really like helping people and connecting with people,” Bledsoe said during a video conference interview with NewsChannel 6 reporter Ashley Osborne.

Bledsoe’s desire to help people lead her to start collecting sanitation products and other household essentials.

“Probably one of the scariest things about what’s going on right now is the fear in the community and people buying up resources and kind of leaving some of those people who really really need the protection with nothing,” Bledsoe says.

She has friends who have health conditions that put them at greater risk and their doctors have told them to stay home, yet they have had to go out and get supplies to protect their families. Bledsoe wants to deliver care packages to people in these circumstances so they can stay home.

“I started getting the word out via social media,” Bledsoe says. “The things that I am trying to collect are toilet paper, face masks, nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, liquid hand soap, any kind of antiseptic cleaning products.”

Right now, it is just a small group helping Bledsoe so they are unable to vet large groups. She plans to work with local organizations to get the items to those who need them the most.

“We are going to be going through our local churches and local schools and local home health clinics because they already know who these people are,” Bledsoe explains.

They are no longer hosting drop-off locations for donations in order to maintain social distancing. She is working with other nursing students on a system to pick-up supplies from those of you who want to give.

“I’m willing to go out and get these items from people safely,” Bledsoe says with a smile. “I feel like nursing students are the best people to go out and be able to do that. Our clinicals are canceled… so I feel like a lot of us really have the time and the knowledge to be able to go and get these donations safely.

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