AU medical students and staff are concerned with parking when new a building takes over the lot


The growth of Augusta University has put a premium on parking at the downtown campus.

And a new construction project will make those parking places even harder to find.

Parking lot 10 on the Health Sciences campus is the site for the new College of Science and Mathematics building. 

That means the students and staff that use this lot every day will have to find somewhere else to park.

The planned construction of the building and a campus green is exciting news.  

But the fact that it’s taking parking away has some students seeing red.

“That would mean I would have to go find parking; it would take me another 20 minutes,” said a dental student, Javier Perez. “I would probably be late for my practical or miss my test, and that’s something I cannot afford.”

Perez told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, every day it’s a constant battle for students to find a parking spot.

He and other students have to get there about an hour and a half early to find parking. Something he says this construction will make worse.

“So next semester I can only imagine I have to wake up even earlier to find a spot across the street at Laney Walker,” explained Perez.

A faculty member who did not want to go on camera says the limited amount of parking spots makes it harder for them to recruit students at other colleges. 

“For some people they have children, and daycares don’t open up before certain times, and they have to be here to get a parking spot before daycare,” said Antonisha Colbert. “So there are things like that takes. I don’t think they put that in consideration for everybody.”

Both dental students say they hope the campus addresses the parking issue sooner rather than later.

“I honestly would prefer them to build another parking deck or something,” said Colbert. “But we needed another math and science building I guess.”

“A better way to implement it; to make a parking deck first to have the structure first,” explained Perez. “Then take care of this situation. But they did it backward.

NewsChannel 6 did reach out to a spokesperson. She says construction begins once the semester ends.

There is a plan to provide alternative parking for faculty and students affected by the lot closure. 

Augusta University also encourages students to take advantage of the shuttle service.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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