AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- “We realize that there’s no reason to deny or limit the services to the underserved population if our hospitals are open then so is our fair” said Sneha Chauhan, medical student and organizer.

Medical students are often dedicating their time to helping patients  in hospitals while learning in the medical field.

Some medical students are taking their learning abilities a little further by hosting a free health clinic for people who can’t afford to receive basic medical attention.

Sneha Chauhan who is a medical student and one of the organizers says the clinic will provide a variety of services from pap smears to dental exams, vision and mental health screenings, and also school screenings for kids.

She also says they will give patients free prescription refills as long as you bring your old medicine bottles.

“We also have a quality clinic that will be joining us and provide the rapid HIV test and screening so that’s also a great addition to our services” said Chauhan.

Chauhan says with the partnership of ALAS (Asociación Latina de Servicios del CSRA ) a non profit  Latina medical service, this clinic will be able to take away the cultural barriers for residents that live near the clinic.

“Not just financially but also language barriers and so we’ve really been trying to you know be culturally competent and recruiting interpreters to help enhance the services that we are giving” said Chauhan.

She says because COVID they wasn’t sure how they were going to bring the clinic together but they are grateful to be able to serve the community in trying times.

At the end of the patients experience they will leave with donated items showing that AU Health medical students are here to help whenever they need it.

“We’ve had wonderful sponsors and donors who’ve been able to support us by donating kids toys and donating medical supplies and a wheelchair you know like so many supportive medical devices that can just be given” said Chauhan.

The free clinic will be held Saturday May 7th from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. in the Family Medicine Clinic in the Medical Office Building, 1447 Harper St.